Introductory Remarks on Rémi Brague’s <em>The Law of God</em>
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Trepanier, L. (2009). Introductory Remarks on Rémi Brague’s <em>The Law of God</em>. The Political Science Reviewer, 38, 1–4. Retrieved from


Rémi Brague’s The Law of God is the second part of a larger philosophical project that seeks to uncover and explain the origins and development of modern human behavior. In his previous work, The Wisdom of the World, Brague traced how modern behavior broke away from the "cosmological": the notion that the cosmos was a mirror of God and that by studying its astronomy we would have insight into the nature of divinity. Over time this perspective became discarded for one that viewed our planets and stars as a part of a random universe, jettisoning our understanding of the cosmos as divine.
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