“Political Philosophy in the Strict Sense”
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“Political Philosophy in the Strict Sense”: Thomas L. Pangle on One of the Roots of Western Civilization. (2007). The Political Science Reviewer, 36, 81-109. https://politicalsciencereviewer.wisc.edu/index.php/psr/article/view/486


In the beginning was Leo Strauss with his trail-blazing Platonizing interpretations of Genesis, "On the Interpretation of Genesis""and ""Jerusalem and Athens"" (1967). Strauss famously said that Western civilization has two vital principles or ""roots"": Greek philosophy and the Bible. It behooves its current members to consider both and thoughtfully opt for one3 Strauss begat many strong minds who in their turn considered and commented on Genesis. Hillel Fradkin wrote well about ""God's Politics: Lessons from the Beginning"" (1983). Robert Sacks brought forth a fascinating book-length reading, A Commentary on the Book of Genesis (1991), which first appeared in installments during the 1980s in the journal of political philosophy, Interpretation.
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