Gnosticism and Modernity
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Gnosticism and Modernity: Voegelin’s Reconsiderations Twenty Years after The New Science of Politics. (2005). The Political Science Reviewer, 34, 122-142.


In 1971, Notre Dame University held a conference to celebratethe 20th anniversary of Voegelin’s Walgren Lectures given at theUniversity of Chicago and published the following year as The NewScience of Politics. The purpose of the conference was both to paytribute to Voegelin’s contribution to the restoration of politicalscience and to discuss the key theoretical and methodological issuesconfronting political science twenty years after the publication ofThe New Science of Politics. Voegelin attended all the presentationsby other scholars and then gave the final lecture. His addressresponded to a request by the planners of the conference forVoegelin to reflect on the state of political science and his own workas it had evolved over the intervening twenty years.
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