Philosophy of the Cosmonimic Idea
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Philosophy of the Cosmonimic Idea: Herman Dooyeweerd’s Political and Legal Thought. (2003). The Political Science Reviewer, 32, 318-380.


Herman Dooyeweerd (1894–1977) was born in Amsterdam, where he spent almost all of his life as a student and scholar. He grew up in the neo-Calvinist circles strongly influenced by Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920), the highly influential churchman, journalist, political leader, and educator, who founded the Free University of Amsterdam, edited a daily newspaper, organized Europe’s first Christian Democratic political party (the Antirevolutionary Party), and served as Prime Minister of The Netherlands from 1901 to 1904. Kuyper is known in North America primarily through his Stone Lectures at Princeton University in 1898 and through his influence at institutions of the Christian Reformed Church and Reformed Church of America, particularly Calvin, Dordt, and Hope Colleges in the United States and the Institute for Christian Studies and Redeemer University College in Canada.
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